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Jul 26 12 6:05 PM

Awesome! Cannot wait to see what they do with the trailer!!!

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Jul 26 12 7:01 PM

*text removed* *sigh* Sorry i got so excited that i revert to portuguese.

Please find time to read the Code of Conduct. If you are using a language other than English you need to provide a translation. Also, swearing is NOT ALLOWED, this is PG rated forum so keep your posts clean. Thanks ~ Moviebuff

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Jul 27 12 4:32 AM

This is actually happening, I can barely believe it XD

It looks very awesome, though I think it would look even better in green

user posted image
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#26 [url]

Jul 27 12 12:50 PM

Wow, it looks amazing! And it's the German title; Without 'immortal' Sounds familiar.

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Jul 27 12 2:10 PM

QUOTE (Papa Pat @ July 27, 2012 01:57 am)
This is lots better than Hugh Laurie, Hayden P. and Justin B. with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background . I still have nightmares about that!

I would have thought, though, that the lettering would be green, rather than red, just in keeping with the title character's aura. I'm probably just overthinking it. Bring on the flickS....yes, plural!

Well, of course this is better! But only because it's the real thing!!

Ah, cannot wait for the movies!

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#30 [url]

Jul 30 12 4:45 AM

WOW!!! Can't believe I just now saw this... flamelssecret/jawdrop.gif It is absolutely GORGEOUS! It sounds funny without "The Immortal" But the colors look amazing together, and I love the flames! I want it on my wall now, haha... Can't wait to see what else they come up with because they're doing awesome so far... flamelssecret/hyper_.gif

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"After all this time?" Always...
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#31 [url]

Jul 30 12 6:29 AM

Finally...... i can't WAIT to hear more news of the film!!
The poster is so wonderful!

"On the top of Notre Dame, Dee and Machiavelli watched as Flamel and the others picked their way through the smoking piles of masonry, heading in the direction of the bridge..."

Michael Scott, "The Magician", page 454, first paragraph.

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