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Jun 20 12 6:32 PM

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Congratulations Michael!
A new film deal has been signed and production is set to begin in spring is the press release, and look out for a post by Michael about it soon!


Scott to Write the Screenplay of the First Book in the Series with Production to
Begin Early 2013 in Australia and New Zealand

Los Angeles, CA – June 18, 2012 – Adelaide, Australia-based AMPCO Films has acquired
the rights to “THE ALCHEMYST”, the first book in the series “THE SECRETS OF THE
IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL” by acclaimed author Michael Scott.

Michael Scott will write the screenplay with production commencing in February in
Australia and New Zealand.

International Emmy-Award winning Mario Andreacchio (Captain Johnno, Napoleon,
Paradise Found, The Dragon Pearl) of AMPCO Films along with Emmy-Award winning
Konstantin Thoeren (Peter The Great, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Lili Marlene) will be

Former COO of Imagenation Abu Dhabi, Stefan Brunner (Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance, The
Double) is packaging the project and executive producing along with Scott and Barry Krost.

The deal was brokered and negotiated by Lawless Entertainment’s CEO Cathy Malatesta
who will be co-executive producing. Michael Scott is represented by Barry Krost

“THE ALCHEMYST” centers on the legendary 14th century French alchemist, Nicholas
Flamel. Records show that he died in 1418, but it is said that he discovered the secret of
eternal life and is still alive today.

Nicholas Flamel lives, but only because he has been making the elixir of life for centuries.

The secret of eternal life is hidden within the book he protects – the book of Abraham the
Mage. In the wrong hands it will destroy the world. That's exactly what Dr. John Dee plans
to do when he steals it. Human kind won’t know what’s happening until it’s too late, and if
the prophecy is right, teenage twins Sophie and Josh Newman will be the only ones with the
power to save the world and they are about to find themselves in the middle of the greatest
legend of all time.

Producer Mario Andreacchio said: “Michael Scott has an incredible gift to combine his
amazing story telling skills to entertain the heavily sought after young adult audience, while
at the same time drawing on his very sophisticated and deep knowledge of mythology and
history. He stunningly creates a modern world connected to the universe of creatures and
monsters in an exciting tale for young adults.”

Michael Scott added: “I immediately responded to the producer’s vision in bringing the first
book in the series to life. We’ve assembled a wonderfully creative team, whom I know will
bring “THE ALCHEMYST” to the big screen.”

Michael Scott is one of Ireland’s most prolific and successful writers. “The ALCHEMYST”
is the first book in his six book series, “THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS

“THE ENCHANTRESS”, the last book, was released on May 22nd 2012.

The series is published by Random House, New York. The six titles have appeared on
the New York Times Best Seller list and the series is now published in 37 countries and
translated into 25 languages.

Led by Emmy-Award winning director and producer Mario Andreacchio, AMPCO Films was
founded in 2008 as an evolution from Adelaide Motion Picture Company. AMPCO Films has
resources in financing, content development, production and distribution, and specialises
in international co-production. AMPCO's recent trailblazing success of The Dragon Pearl in
China and its expanding relationships in Asia, is making the company a leader in the region.
AMPCO is strongly supported by the South Australian Film Corporation, and its many
production alliances include in New Zealand WETA Workshop Effects, Park Road Post, as
well as Australia's Rising Sun Pictures, DELUXE Australia and CONVERGEN.
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Jun 20 12 6:56 PM

flamelssecret/hyper_.gif This is finally getting real! Production in February!

Congratulations indeed to Michael! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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Jun 20 12 7:12 PM

OH MY GOD!!!! This is AWESOME!!
Finally, movie news!!! I can't wait to see the movie!! flamelssecret/dance.gif

Congrats Mr. Scott!!!!

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Jun 20 12 7:38 PM

Congrats to Mr. Scott!

this is highly highly highly awesome. : crazy:

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Jun 20 12 7:40 PM

YAY! this is soo exciting! Congratulations Mr. Scott! this is going to be one of the best film series ever!
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Jun 20 12 8:43 PM

Congratulations, Mr. Scott! I absolutely cannot wait, and I am sure the series will be as epicly awesomely sweet as the books!
But I do have a query: Once casting has started, would it be possible to post somewhere a cast list?
Anyway, best of wishes for the movies!

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Jun 20 12 10:25 PM

Congrats Michael! No doubt this will be a hit if the executive producer is one who was involved in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengance!

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Jun 20 12 10:36 PM

OMG! So exciting! Congrats, Mr. Scott!!

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Jun 20 12 10:37 PM


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it is good to have an end to journey towards but in the end it is the journey that matters
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Jun 21 12 2:52 AM

AAAGH I'M SO EXCITED!! flamelssecret/hyper_.gif Congratulations Mr. Scott!! I can't wait! and filming begins so soon! So any month now we are going to know the cast!

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Jun 21 12 4:08 AM

Ahhh congratulations Michael!! flamelssecret/clap3.gif flamelssecret/dance.gif This is very exciting! And so much for not getting the movie until we're much older, lol. It's also great that you are doing the adaptions

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Papa Pat


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Jun 21 12 4:59 AM

YESSSSSS! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

Fortunately, I can spread the good news to the teachers I've been working with and to the sixth-graders who have (mostly) been a really attentive audience. They keep asking if there's any progress. NOW I can give them the answer they've been looking for!

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Jun 21 12 5:19 AM

This is amazing news flamelssecret/dance.gif !!! So happy Michael is doing the screenplay! Congratulations Mr. Scott flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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#16 [url]

Jun 21 12 6:12 AM

Congratulations Mr. Scott!! flamelssecret/clap3.gif
It actually made my day when I saw not only are they finally making a movie, but Michael is writing the script. This should be absolutely amazing!!

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#17 [url]

Jun 21 12 8:36 AM

Well this is a pleasant surprise. And because Mr. Michael is one of the screen writers, we will be hearing famous lines from the book. What a rob! Yoohoo! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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#19 [url]

Jun 21 12 5:43 PM

Congadulations, Mr. Scott!
I was worried that the film might not closely follow the novel like some films, but now it sounds like it will be pretty much the same, which is indeed great news! I am looking forward to this movie very much. flamelssecret/clap3.gif Everyone else is using the clapping icon, so I thought that I might as well.

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#20 [url]

Jun 21 12 7:06 PM

So Cool! I can't wait to tell all of the people I know who love the books!
Not wanting to end the line: flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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