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Apr 11 12 12:34 AM

QUOTE (TheDreamSee'er @ April 10, 2012 10:29 pm)
I just came up with another good idea. I think it would be cool if when the battle between good and bad begins, there would be Marethyu, yes, but what about Eris the Goddess of Discord?

I believe that if Eris was there she would side with her race, the Elders.

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May 5 12 1:54 PM

hmmm, how about artemis from greek mythology (goddess of the hunt), but there's also hua mulan, on which the movie mulan was based. but i also think amelia earhart should be there. no one knows where she went, maybe she became immortal?

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Aug 25 12 12:04 AM

I know the Queen of Sheba (or Saba) has been mentioned... for my five cents' worth I found the following description of her on an Argan oil beauty site:
three thousand year ago, in the rich land of Saba, lived a queen whose taste for salves and perfumes made her a fabled goddess of beauty. As she travelled the world she dispensed the perfumes, incense, gold and precious stones of her distant land. The lavish opulence of her gifts made her a great benefactress. With the same generosity she passed on ancestral methods of beauty care - that can be read between the lines of the manuscripts.

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