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Nov 9 08 12:51 AM

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Do you have a favourite chapter, scene or quote from The Enchantress? Why not share it with everyone and tell us why it's your favourite! flamelssecret/clap3.gif
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#1 [url]

Jun 4 12 10:37 AM

my favorite was when Abraham was saying goodbye to Tsagalalal. it was very touching. i actually cried!

next was when Billy killed the Sphinx. it was short but full of action!

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#2 [url]

Jun 4 12 11:51 AM

One of my favorite quotes was when Billy and Mac talk to Black Hawk after he kills Nereus, it went something like this:
"I'm surprised you got away, alive that is, Nereus is one of the most deadly of Elders," said Machiavelli. "Well, now he's just plain dead."

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#3 [url]

Jun 4 12 2:11 PM

I absolutely loved the scene where Palamedes almost died. It was incredibly moving. I almost cried.

And when Shakespeare and Palamedes were talking in the Yggdrasil. I think "But know this, Palamedes--I would not wish any companion in the world but you" about killed my friendship loving heart with all the beauty. Wonderful part!! flamelssecret/crying.gif wub.gif


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#4 [url]

Jun 4 12 2:24 PM

my favorite scene was when dee abraham and marethyu were talking

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#5 [url]

Jun 4 12 6:59 PM

I really liked the part when Tsagaglalal beat up the bullies that Mars had beaten up previously. That part was really funny.

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#6 [url]

Jun 4 12 8:25 PM

My favorite was when josh took the hook and became Marethyu. That was intense and it was sad because he did it knowing he would probably not be able to spend much time with Sophie anymore.

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#7 [url]

Jun 4 12 8:52 PM

And then the sound pierced the night, and although it had been ten thousand years since they’d last heard the noise, they recognized it immediately.
The two Elders turned to look at one another, then ran toward their cars. Seconds later, Bastet’s limousine peeled out of the parking lot, tires slipping and spinning on the wet pavement. Quetzalcoatl followed, wondering if he would make it back to the safety of his Shadowrealm in time.
Neither of them wanted to face the wrath of She Who Watches.

This had to be one of the most well-worded paragraphs in the book. It was also simply amazing.

QUOTE ("Josh")
“Goodbye, Sophie,” Josh Newman said, and then Marethyu plunged the hook into the pyramid at his feet. And he spoke aloud the last words he had seen in the Codex.
“Today, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Until the very end of the Epilogue. I especially love when the Flamels realize that the 'hook-handed man' is Josh. I LOVED the epilogue.

I also loved this quote:
QUOTE ("Marethyu")
“Who are you?” Dee gasped, desperately trying to make out the face of the man towering over him.
“I am Marethyu. I am Death. But today, Doctor, I am your savior.”

I thought it was so awesome and well worded.

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#8 [url]

Jun 4 12 11:02 PM

I thought the scene when Flamel looks at Marethyu, and recongnises him as Josh to be my favourite, because there was just so much emotion in that scene, and it was very well worded.

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#9 [url]

Jun 5 12 1:18 AM

Three from the same character:
"I should go clean up, then."
"I'm going to save that for later. I'm quite peckish."
"Extra crunchy. My favorite"

Other than that, every word spoken by every character in the book .

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#10 [url]

Jun 5 12 2:38 AM

My favorite scenes where in Alcatraz how Odin and Hel went out with a great ending. How they wrapped up on danu talis and it's tales afterwords. How Flamels reconized Josh as Merthyu. The epilogue was pretty good too.

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#11 [url]

Jun 5 12 3:10 AM

I think my favorite part is how Virginia Dare leads the humani into an uprising. She was my favorite character, even as a selfish villian, and I liked how Michael Scott used the omniscent descriptions and tablets to reveal the truth behind the "bad guys".
However, I was really frustrated by the Enchantress' ending. A lot of thins didn't add up.
1) If the twins aren't really twins then what explanation is there for Sophie and Josh's connections, like physically feeling each other's pains? Such as:
2) How did Sophie and Josh become immortal in the end?
3) How did Niten manage to save Aoife?
4) Why did the hook form over Josh's hand? There really seemed no explanation for that phenomena.
5) How did Josh manage to live without breathing or pumping blood?

Mr. Scott, if you have anything to say about this, a response would be appreciated.

Please keep in mind that requesting responses from Michael is against the code of conduct. He is very busy and generous enough to spend some of his free time here and answer some questions as he can, but it is physically impossible for him to address every single post and question on the forum. The best place to pose some of these questions is in the ask Michael thread once the spoiler ban is fully lifted out of all threads. Thanks ~SC

Sorry, I didn't realize that that was a rule.

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#12 [url]

Jun 5 12 4:17 AM


1) If the twins aren't really twins then what explanation is there for Sophie and Josh's connections, like physically feeling each other's pains? Such as:

Mostly by "power of suggestion". In fact, people who have been married for many years experience similar phenomena


2) How did Sophie and Josh become immortal in the end?

I don't know specifically, but doesn't being awakened make one immortal?


3) How did Niten manage to save Aoife?

I smell a short story coming . At the book signing, he did mention there is purposely some room left for other side stories, but he did not elaborate on who the stories would be about.


4) Why did the hook form over Josh's hand? There really seemed no explanation for that phenomena.

Simple fulfillment of the prophecy.


5) How did Josh manage to live without breathing or pumping blood?

He's Death

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#13 [url]

Jun 5 12 12:49 PM

QUOTE (Kinyen @ June 04, 2012 11:17 pm)


2) How did Sophie and Josh become immortal in the end?

I don't know specifically, but doesn't being awakened make one immortal?

No the awakening does not simply make you immortal. I believe in Virginia's case she was awakened then granted immortality at a later date. While elders can do both they do not have to do them at the same time.

But we are getting a bit off topic from favorite parts in the book.

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#14 [url]

Jun 5 12 8:32 PM

Hi! A Fan from Portugal talking!
It's difficult for me to choose only one scene from the book... I just finished reading it 5 minutes ago, so i'm still felling a bit touchy. flamelssecret/crying.gif
I loved the moment when Aerop-Enap awakened!
I cried (a lot!) during Hel and Odin's death...
I cried even more when Sophie and Josh had to part...
When Maretyu's identity was revealed i screamed "I knew it!"

I could stay here and talk about how much i loved the book... but it would take me a lot of time... it is hard to believe that it is over... flamelssecret/faint.gif

Michael Scott... thank you so much for writing this series flamelssecret/love0030.gif

The only thing i don't understand is "Who is The Enchantress?" Can some one explain me who and why? thank you very much!

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#15 [url]

Jun 5 12 9:53 PM

The only thing i don't understand is "Who is The Enchantress?" Can some one explain me who and why? thank you very much!

For the Enchantress, I'd actually have to go with Virginia. I mean, the humani (*humans, excuse me ) followed her into an uprising. I was wondering if that could be correct, after all the speculation of how the cover is silver, so the Enchantress could be Sophie. Then, I looked at my cover, and at least in the light, the title, The Enchantress, turned pale green, the same color as Virginia's aura.

Since she pretty much is my favorite character, my favorite part was her tablet. I cry every time I read it. There needs to be a short story of her and Marethyu - their connection was just flamelssecret/sFun_explosive.gif

I also loved Dee's Death. I mean, not the fact that he died, but the way he did. And Scatty seeing her father. And Billy and Machiavelli being awesome.

The one moment that really shocked me was Josh and Sophie not being twins, and Isis and Osiris being Earthlords. I was like, oh, cue the new series

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#16 [url]

Jun 6 12 1:27 AM

Okay, so a few favourites for me:

I really loved finding out that that Earthlords were Lizard People, it just made me laugh so much. I don't even know why...

When the Spartoi get annihilated by Tsagaglalal, it was just totally awesome and sad because of Prometheus then choosing to die.

And yeah, the whole book in general.

EDIT: Oh, and the fact that there is still so much left that we don't know, and therefore we can stiil speculate about.

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#17 [url]

Jun 6 12 6:23 AM

QUOTE (Shopaholic250 @ June 06, 2012 07:53 am)
The only thing i don't understand is "Who is The Enchantress?" Can some one explain me who and why? thank you very much!

For the Enchantress, I'd actually have to go with Virginia.

I'm pretty sure Michael said the Enchantress was not Virginia, but apart from her I'm not sure who else really fits the title.

I still have so many questions, but I loved the epilogue.
I also really liked the scene when the Flamels were battling their way across San Fransico Bay. I think that would be such an amazing scene in a movie
I also liked that Flamels didn't die. That would have been such a sad ending...

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#18 [url]

Jun 6 12 8:21 AM

I am a fan of this series for a little more than two years now. This series is one of the reasons why I read, and I will always treasure this experience for years to come. Reading the final book of a series is always signficant because it will give closure to the story. An ending. I always have this idea in my mind that is why at the midst of excitement of reading many finales, there's always a little lump of sadness in my heart. Reading The Enchantress is special to me because of this very reason. But after reading The Enchantress, I felt that there is something different. Something much better. It gave me the feeling like it will never be over. Here are my thoughts and feelings about The Enchantress:

I enjoyed reading the part where Osiris held John Dee's head and turned him into an old man. They've been threatening to execute this punishment since The Necromancer. Finally, after a few books, we got to witness Dee's defeat. This point marked the end of Dee's scheming at the expense of the destruction of the world. This moment changed him too. He was selfish and uncaring then, but once he experienced how it was to be an old, weakened humani, he suddenly began to have compassion towards the people.

The most spectacular scene of this book for me is the moment when Sophie and Josh were marching towards the Pyramid of the Sun. I can see the magnificence of the event as if I was there myself: a gold and silver, in suits of silver and gold armor, marching on a gold pavement, towards a great golden pyramid, and being witnessed by almost all of the Elders: the highest and most powerful members of society. Just how cool is that! Even Marethyu, who experienced countless adventures over the millenia of his existence, acknowledges the twins' arrival as one of the most extraordinary moments in the history of the isle of Danu Talis.

The scene at the gates of Tartarus with Aten, Ard-Greimne, Virginia Dare, John Dee, Scathach and the humans of Danu Talis, for me, is a simple and more beautiful version of Tolkien's Helm's Deep. We've seen how Dare and Dee defeated Ard-Greimne's army by using their own arrows against them. A fitting end for the Doctor, too. For he died a hero's death. What more, we got a bonus when we learned who Scathach's father is.

My most favorite part is the climax of the story, when Sophie, Josh, Isis, and Osiris were on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. I love the revelations of Sophie & Josh's true origins, and of Isis & Osiris's true nature. It was remarkable how Josh destroyed the Earthlords. I wonder if Josh now possess the Earthlords' knowledge and memories. What revelations he would learn if that is so. And lastly, it was a perfect finale when Josh transformed into the destroyer of worlds.

As much as The Enchantress is a conclusion to the Flamel series, it is also a prequel of The Alchemyst, in a way. It told the story of how the events of the first book came to pass: from the story of how Marethyu came to be in possession of the Codex, to the story of how Dee found the Flamels in The Small Bookshop.
The story didn't end. It came to full circle. Only a handful of authors can pull something like that. The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series is truly a masterpiece!

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#19 [url]

Jun 6 12 2:25 PM

My favorite parts had to be anything with Billy and Black Hawk, except for the part where Billy nearly died, and then Black Hawk did die, about 5 minutes before the battle ended! that killed me inside.

I thought the whole "guy in the red shirt" reference to Star Trek was pretty hilarious, especially finding out the Black Hawk was a trekkie!

I loved how the sphinx had been threatening Billy since the Necromancer, and then it takes him less than 5 minutes to completely obliterate her.

The final battle on Danu Talis was just.....oh my gosh. And when the twins found out they weren't even twins and their parents were evil and trying to use them to take over the world (even though I pretty much guessed that they were evil) that was just awful.

When I found out Josh was Marethyu, I actually set the book down, and held both my hands up for high fives, before I realized that nobody was in the room to give me one. I put all my chips on that theory from the first time Marethyu showed up. I'm really glad it was the right call.

I agree, the books really did come full circle, and every loose end was (for the most part) tied up. I'm sure the short stories will tie up anything we have been wondering about. I'm really happy with the series as a whole. I loved the whole thing, and waited for a long time for the end, and I'm really glad that I did

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