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May 13 11 5:20 PM

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Now that the game has been up and running for a while Gianna would like to know what you thought of the game in general as she and Mark prepare to start working on a sequel for Winter this year.
Please let them know what you did like about the game, what your favourite bits were and also what you didn't like too much, and what the problems were.
Please be respectful when explaining any negative points, these games take a lot of work to create and build, and you wouldn't be happy if someone was just totally critical of your work without offering you any reasons for the criticism.

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May 14 11 8:48 AM

It's a very fun game to play though it would be nice with a little more colour

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Feb 16 12 9:04 AM

I thought the combat system as a bit harsh. It was quite humiliating when my character got his flamelssecret/smiley-vault-signs-069.gif kicked by a rat. xD
Maybe instead of just not playing the game for a while so your health can regenerate - perhaps being able to 'sleep' and have your health regenerated(half or fully)? Got really annoying for me when I was either given the choice of not playing it for a few hours or exploring for an unknown amount of time(I'm really unlucky in terms of gold) and getting beat up for the most part, while discovering 30-50gold.

Possibly make the Immortals/Elders a little bit more inclined to grant your wish(took me forever to get someone to teach me some magic), maybe depending on who your master is? Like if your master is Morrigan, maybe Bastet would be more inclined to teach you some stuff? Or your master is Scathach, obviously the Flamels would probably teach you some stuff.

Can't really think of anything else, just those two titbits. I like being able to duel people, though. ^-^
Anyway, just my flamelssecret/twocents.gif

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