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Nov 10 10 10:39 PM

This book is so funny! Loved the parts when Mach tried to sell Billy to the sphinx. Wonder if he will seriously do that in the Warlock...

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Dec 4 10 11:40 PM

QUOTE (Zephfire @ November 09, 2008 12:49 am)
Do you have a favourite chapter, scene or quote from The Necromancer? Why not share it with everyone and tell us why it's your favourite! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

You are likely to see **SPOILERS** in this thread.

first of all loved the whole book but for my fav i'm going to have to say the big fight seen at the end and when Aoife dragged Coatiluce back into her realm that was touching. flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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Dec 5 10 3:36 AM

I loved that part as well warlock guy heck I loved everything about this book. I don't know my favorite part but my favorite line was when Niten was talking to Sophie and Josh about them being on a side and that both sides think their right and all. I loved that part!!!!!!!!

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Dec 31 10 8:55 AM

ALL THE BOOK!!!!! Although Marethyu left me many questions about his identity.
It might also be Captain Hook
I really hope that Mach switch sides and steps from the good guys, It does not give a good impression of Italian if he is with the bad guys.

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#86 [url]

Feb 13 11 12:05 PM

The sphinx trying to buy Billy from Machiavelli - sooooo funny!!
Also Virgina Dare and her aversion to moving furniture.

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Jul 11 11 3:44 PM

My favorite chapter of the Necromancer is probably chapter number twenty five.
At first it seems like a simple chat between John Dee and Virginia Dare, but their conversation soon becomes a matter of world changing desicions.
The chapter scared me a bit, seeing how Doctor Dee is starting to become a bit insane, he truly intends to control the world, to erase the human race, the elders and the immortals and the few creatures that still lurk upon planet earth. He intends to be the ruler of earth with his companion Virginia Dare, that appears to be a very mysterious figure to me. She is loyal to her self, and cannot be trusted at all, but it seems that Dee has some kind of relationship ship with her, probably related to the past.
What mostly surprises me about this chapter is the fact that Dee will do anything, and I do mean anything, to make his plan work.
When I heard about the Warlock coming out, I had the slightest fear of Dee not surviving the rage of his many enemies, but I have heard that not only survives, but he becomes more and more consumed by his own plan.

I cannot wait to read the fifth book, and I am delighted to be as close to finishing the fourth book.
Great job Michael, astonishing wealthy book which will stay around for ages! You have been my inspiration, and more than that: my row model.


"On the top of Notre Dame, Dee and Machiavelli watched as Flamel and the others picked their way through the smoking piles of masonry, heading in the direction of the bridge..."

Michael Scott, "The Magician", page 454, first paragraph.

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Sep 9 11 6:12 PM

My favourite scene:

This is the legendary Pyramid of Sun. Welcome to Danu Talis

Sorry, if it is different in book, i do not own an english version.

I like this scene, because i like Scatach and Jeanne D'Arc. Their are my favourite characters.

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#92 [url]

Mar 16 12 6:01 PM

My favorite parts of The Necromancer:

-Mach nearly selling Billy to the Sphinx.
-Mach and Billy 'negociating' with Quet . . . Quaza . . . Quetza-birdy-thingy-whatever.
-And learning more about Dee's past, particularly with Dare.

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Mar 20 12 7:59 AM

QUOTE (JuLiSsA2 @ February 18, 2012 09:07 am)
When Josh's hands made the cane turn to gold

Yeah thats the best part anyday.

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#95 [url]

Jul 20 12 11:56 PM

My favorite part was the negotiation between Mach, Billy, and Quetzalcoatl. Both Billy and Quetz were acting like me and my friends in a fight.. though we don't usually whip out ancient swords or lynxes upon each other
And Mach had to settle things down and be the mature one.

Am I the only adult here?

I think you are, Mach. flamelssecret/hysterical.gif

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#96 [url]

Jul 25 12 9:06 PM

I too, liked the pivotal negotiations scene to the survival of Billy and Machiavelli, with poor Billy not knowing what to do at all and being rash and rude and Machiavelli being all calm and composed. I also enjoyed how Josh turns away from Sophie at the end, because I was waiting for the turning point in his allegiance to Flamel the whole time, and I knew that eventually he had to choose Dee as a plot device, and I love the way that it happened, though not nessecarily the fact that it happened. Michael Scott is a great author, and this was a great turning point for the series.

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#98 [url]

Jul 29 12 3:39 AM

QUOTE (BirdGuy @ July 29, 2012 03:14 am)
i just looove the part when Josh is calling coatlicue flamelssecret/vamp.gif

Yeah, that whole part was pretty cool, slowly building to the climatic confrontation with the Archon when she is released, and especially the aftermath, with Josh turning his back on Sophie.

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#99 [url]

Aug 20 12 4:55 PM

its not a favorite but im just wondering
when pernell and sophie are talking about the witchs memorys pernell says " that if the witch wanted you dead she could have killed you while teaching you air magic or awakening you". i think mr scott might have made a mistake because i thought hekate awakened sophie

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#100 [url]

Aug 20 12 9:40 PM

QUOTE (gold king @ August 20, 2012 04:55 pm)
its not a favorite but im just wondering
when pernell and sophie are talking about the witchs memorys pernell says " that if the witch wanted you dead she could have killed you while teaching you air magic or awakening you". i think mr scott might have made a mistake because i thought hekate awakened sophie

Yes, I agree, and I think that this was discussed somewhere a few months ago.

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