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Jun 3 10 12:43 AM

QUOTE (TheAmericanMagician @ June 01, 2010 07:23 pm)
my favorite part was when the sphinx was trying to buy billy

I agree when I read it I was like, I wonder how much the Sphinx is worth if she was ranked by Forbes.

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Jun 3 10 10:17 PM

My favorite part was on page 299

"And you, Sir Knight," Joan said.
"Been a long time, Pally," Scathach added with a smile.
The knight made a pained face. "Please, don't call me Pally. I hate that."
"I know."

"No one knew why. He didn't even know why. But there was something about that sight of a soul so powerful that he would not give up fighting until all of his fears and nightmares were dead . . . until every single scream in the night had been muffled and turned into laughter . . . something about that sight struck him as admirable."

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Jun 5 10 5:54 PM

I flamelssecret/Agreed.gif, I love the part when the sphinx was trying to but Billy. I also really liked the part when Perry and Nick were looking through the skull (which was very Indiana Jones like, BTW) at Josh, and when Josh was trying to protect the evil Archon.

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Jun 6 10 1:33 AM

i also do really love the teaching/awakening quotes

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I have been Awakened... I am a master of Fire... Water... Earth and Air... and an apprentice to a master of Time... I posess the gift of Foresight...

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Jun 11 10 3:08 AM

Oh my gosh. I just love the way Zephaniah and Sophie connect with her visions!!!

ex: Closing her eyes, Sophie drew a deep breath. NEXT CHAPTER: Zephaniah drew a deep breath and opened her eyes.

at the end of that chapter: "especially the women" Zephaniah said, closing her eyes.

Sophie Newman opened her eyes and instantly recognized the face glaring in through the window at them. "Prometheus," she breathed. "Little Brother"


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#26 [url]

Jun 11 10 2:25 PM

Ya I loved that part and how Zephaniah is connected to Sophie! It's awesome!

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"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." Niccolo Machiavelli
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#27 [url]

Jun 11 10 11:46 PM

How Billy sulked over his car and how Niccolo kindly pointed out that Perry had only recently learned to drive...

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#28 [url]

Jun 13 10 10:30 AM

This made me lol hard. . .

"It is a sphinx," Machiavelli said quietly, "Body of a lion, wings of a an eagle, head of a beautiful young woman. And try not to irritate her Billy, This creature would have you for a snack."

"She is one ugly lion. . . ."

"Billy," Machiavelli began.

"And she's got mangy wings. . . ."


"And she stinks like she's just stepped in something."

“I also have excellent hearing,” the sphinx said. Her tiny female head moved from Billy to Machiavelli
and then back to Billy again. A forked black tongue flickered between her thin lips, dancing in the air
between them. The American immortal’s eyes crossed, trying to focus on it.

“And your breath smells,” Billy muttered.

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#29 [url]

Jun 15 10 1:22 AM

my fave quote from the necromancer is : Billy caught Machiavelli by the arm. "Whatever you do," he whispered urgently, "don't mention the tail."

I don't know why but i was like this after i read it-----> flamelssecret/hysterical.gif and it was right in front of my family so they were like ------> but i still love that quote

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Jun 15 10 2:44 AM

Some of my favorite Niccolo quotes:

"This issupposed to be a secure line, but you know my motto... trust no one."
"You are remarkably cheerful for someone who may be about to die,"
"I'll be sick," Machiavilli promised, and when I am, I'm going to be sick in your direction. Your's too."
"I have not lived more than five hunred years of Europe's most turbulent history only to die in a car crash."
"Fools lie, clever men stick to the truth."

And a good Niccolo chat besides the awsome 'Selling Billy' chat with the Shpinx:
"What do I do with you, Italian?" th Elder said suddenly.
"Do with me?"
"Do you always answer a question with a question?"
"Do I?"

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#31 [url]

Jun 16 10 4:46 PM

I think the best scene is the one in which promethus and zephaniah wander into nameless city. Abraham probably sent them to kick start a chain of events instead of retrieving some book. Also it was a heart touching moment to watch aoife explain her reasons for helping sophie to Niten.

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#32 [url]

Jun 19 10 3:31 PM

I was just happy that Prometheus was just as modern as us Hes my favorite Elder (now).

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#33 [url]

Jun 19 10 3:40 PM

Prometheus was probably my favorite charector aswell because he even though he is a Elder he still acts like a nice guy and normal, he even helps them out.

Killboi, my favorite part was the nameless city too alot of Juicy Info about are favorite Elders

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#34 [url]

Jun 21 10 11:42 PM

I enjoyed the bond between Aoife and was a cute moment...

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#35 [url]

Jun 22 10 1:28 AM

My two favorite chapters were:

1. The chapter in which you meet the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, my favorite god in fact,which also has my favorite character, Machiavelli, in it.

2. The chapter in which Coatlicue, also an Aztec goddess ( She gave birth to the sun moon, stars and god of war) is summoned.

I love Aztec mythology. flamelssecret/clap3.gif flamelssecret/clap3.gif

"הניצחון[ הגדול ביותר שלנו הוא לא לא ליפול, אבל עולה כל פעם שאנחנו נופלים.הניצחון הגדול ביותר שלנו הוא לא לא ליפול, אבל עולה כל פעם שאנחנו נופלים."

"Our greatest triumph is not never falling but rising up every time we fall."
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#36 [url]

Jun 22 10 8:39 PM

"I am grateful," he said simply.
"Me too," said Billy.
"Who said anything about sparing you!" Kukulkan snapped.

-The Necromancer, chapter 32, page 165

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#37 [url]

Jun 29 10 10:49 PM

I really liked the part with Marethyu (i think thats how you spell it, ill go check)

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"At the time, King Herbert felt that to remain safe, the kingdom needed and effective intelligence force."
"An intelligent force?"
Not intelligent. Intelligence. Although it does help if your intelligence force is also intelligent." - Ranger's Apprentice, Book 1

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The Will


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#38 [url]

Jun 29 10 10:59 PM

It's spelled Marethyu. And he's my favorite character, in any series...ever!

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#39 [url]

Jun 29 10 11:21 PM

I loved ALL the scenes with Aoife and Scatty!! I wish Aoife comes back!!

oh and Niten is pretty awesome too!

Another great book! flamelssecret/bow.gif

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#40 [url]

Jul 3 10 9:18 PM

I liked how Niten snaps the walking stick in half and Josh is like.. "ow..?"

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