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Jan 15 09 11:43 PM

QUOTE (Kelsey @ January 11, 2009 08:18 pm)
I love, in the first book,the picture I get when I first thought of Scatty. I thought of her of this super cool girl with a bit of a hot rod red guyish hairstyle with ivory white skin. Scatty is my favorite character and I love the way that the book first drew her out in that empty room.

Ya, but that description of that hallway outside of Scatach's home, the traps, and what Nicholas said to the twins, that was a good part too.

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Feb 8 09 7:43 AM

My favourite scene would have to be when Nicolas, Sophie, Josh and Scatty are with Dora.


'She's telling Scatty that she could have been dead and no-one would have known. Nor Cared. Why, only last centuryshe was desperately ill, and and no-one called, no one wrote,'
'Gran...' Scatty began.
'Don't 'Gran' me! You could have written, any language would have done. You could have phoned
'You don't have a phone'
'And what's wrong with an email? Or a fax?'
'Gran, do you have a computer or a fax machine?'
Dora stopped. 'No. What would I need those for?'

Or when Scatty has Josh on the ground and she's like
'You're lucky. A couple of centuries ago I would have killed you. I used to have a bit of a temper, but I've been working on my self-control,'

Or, last but not least, when Hekate is a little girl. I can just imagine how stupid Flamel would have felt, begging a girl who looked 11 to awaken the twins' powers. I'm looking forward to seeing that in the movie.

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Feb 10 09 1:00 AM

I have a few fav parts I do like when you first nett scatty. "we have a problem."
"you have a problem. It doesn't concern me."
It's something like that. I also like it when there going to Ojon(Or what ever it is) "is this another person you've fought with?"
"worse. She's my grandmother."

"I used to tell my troops that if they could still feel pain? They were alive." Joan of Arc, The Sorceress.

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Feb 11 09 6:37 PM

My favourite quote is, of course, the one in my signature because it revealed another similarity between Scatty and myself.

My favourite scene is the one where Pernelle is locked up in Alcatraz and she's just relizing where she is... My parents visited Alcatraz and they promised that next time I can go because I told them about that scene and, well, they laughed at me...

"Depends on what it is of course. I don't eat the meat myself... I'm a vegetarian." Scatty answered. pg 135 The Alchemyst

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Feb 17 09 1:32 AM

i have a lot of favorite scenes and quotes, but one of my favorite happens right after sophie, josh, nicholas, and scatty go through the mirror.
it's from pg.364 of The Alchemyst

And Dora pushed the mirror, sending it shattering to the floor. "Whoops." She turned to face Dee and pulled off her dark glasses to reveal the mirrors of her eyes. "You should go now. You've got about three seconds."
      Dee didn't quite make it out of the shop before it exploded.

idk why i like it. i just do...

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Feb 25 09 3:13 PM

I got The Alchemist book for Christmas, I started to read it, and it took me a while to start getting into the book, but after the forth chapter, I was like, 'This is awesome.'

In all I like The Magician the best, we really start getting into the whole plot, [I think?] and yeah I liked it a lot better than the first.

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Mar 2 09 3:32 AM

The part i can't get over is the part when Perry posseses Sophie, and confronts Bastet, it is sooo coool!

Me too! I have ALWAYS loved Bastet, but I always used "Bast". The Morrigan is like my zillionth hero... flamelssecret/sFun_explosive.gif

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Apr 7 09 10:39 PM

I have to say my favorite scene is when Flamel, Scatty, and Sophie are surrounded by the undead that Dee summoned and then all the sudden it describes a black monster. lol. It's Josh driving the Hummer that he crashes through the fountain and into the store. flamelssecret/sFun_explosive.gif I laughed so hard I cried.

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Apr 13 09 5:00 AM

The Witch of Endor is probably my favorite scene right now. When she helps them all through the leygate, and then tells Dee "You should go now...You've got about three seconds!"

I liked Perenelle posessing Sophie too. That was pretty cool.
I'm definitely gonna have to read this book again though. I'm sure there were things I missed.

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May 16 09 10:33 PM

I really liked that first battle scene in the bookshop. Just after Dee goes out the last undisturbed bookshelf collapses. That was so funny everytime I read it!

"The two that are one must become the one that is all." - The Magician

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#37 [url]

Jun 1 09 11:41 PM

This thread is now open for posting..please bear in mind that The Sorceress isn't released in the UK until June 25th so try to keep all Sorceress and Necromancer spoiler discussion to the "I'm finished!" thread until July 1st!! Thank you! flamelssecret/bow.gif

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Jun 27 09 4:54 PM

My favotire part is when Scathach is taking away the pain from Sophie and she explains what happend at the Fall of Danu Talis and how the original Twins fought on the Pyramid of the Sun...its awesome.

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"Have care, Nicholas Flamel, Alchemyst, lest you create something that will destroy us all."-Hekate, the Goddess with Three Faces

"The world has ended before, I'm sure it will end many times before the sun turns black."-The Witch of Endor

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Jun 27 09 5:45 PM

QUOTE (Shaneltz @ June 27, 2009 12:54 pm)
My favotire part is when Scathach is taking away the pain from Sophie and she explains what happend at the Fall of Danu Talis and how the original Twins fought on the Pyramid of the Sun...its awesome.

Yes I like that part too, as the Pyramid of the Sun is a real Mayan temple in Teotihuacán. This is a HUGE clue... I think.

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