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Feb 4 11 12:24 AM

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The shop:
If you use the most right-hand symbol on the map you'll get inside the shop. Here you'll see all the items you could buy, if you have enough gold to afford them.
- Beside the item you'll see some details on that item; name, attack, life recovery, aura recovery and their price.
- To buy items you'll hit the button beside it.
- If there's room in your backpack the item will show up there, if not, you'll have to go home and make some room in it by removing items from your backpack and placing them in your chest.

The Market:
If you hit the symbol of the market stall you enter the Market. At the market players can sell their items, and buy items from other players. Keep an eye on the market, you'll never know when someone is selling something special.
- When you're in the market there are three possibilities.
1) Buying items.
- By clicking the button beside the item you'll add it to your backpack.
- If you don't have room in your backpack you should first go home and make some space by removing items and placing them in your chest.
2) Selling items.
- By clicking on the most right button you'll get the option to sell your items.
- After you hit the button you'll get an inventory list. Choose the item you want to sell, enter the quantity you want to sell and enter how much gold you want to sell them for. After that you hit the button beside the white text boxes.
3) If there aren't any items for sale on the market you can hit the button and sell items of your own. (follow the steps mentioned above)

Aunt Agnes:
Through Machiavelli's map, you can enter Aunt Agnes' home.
If you're Level 5 or below and need help to recover your aura or your life points, you can hop in to drink a cup of coffee or eat some of your Aunt Agnes's world famous muffins. Even if you're above level 5 you can still visit Agnes, she'll have some elixer or fruits for you then.
1) Level 1 to 5;
- Muffin, the muffin will immediatly restore your aura by 50%.
- Coffee, the cup of coffe will restore your life by 50%.
2) Level 5+;
- Elixer of immortality, the elixer will restore your life completely.
- Fruit, the fruit heals your aura by 15 points.

The Album:
If you click on the album on the table in your living room, you open it up. At the top of the album you'll find a few tabs. Creatures, Items, Elder, Immortal, Archons.
- By clicking those tabs you'll go to that page.
- On the Creatures And Archons pages you'll see those that you have successfully defeated in battle.
- On the Items page you'll find the special items you've stumbled upon during your quests.
- On the Elder and Immortal pages you'll find the Masters and Immortals you met during the quests.
The Rankings Scoreboard:
If you click on the compass or goblet you'll find yourself looking at the scoreboard.
- Beside the player's name you'll see, their level, fights won, fights lost, duels won, duels lost and their money.
- If a player has become immortal during the quest, his/her name will appear in gold.
- By clicking on the names of the columns you'll arrange the players by your selection.
- If you click on the player's name it'll lead you to their profile.
The Profile:
After you clicked on the players name in the standings you'll see their profile.
- On the profiles you'll see:
1) Name
2) Master
3) Level and Experience
4) Skills
5) Master Skills
- If a player reaches immortality their name will appear in gold (as it does on the standings)
Skills and Master Skills:
There are some Masters that can awaken you or grant immortality. Also, during your quest you'll face other masters who, if they seem to like you, can train you in certain skills. After they've trained you, you'll find your new Skills on your fight screen and profile.

According to your level you are able to train a number of Skills. Looking from left to right, they will become stronger. During the quests you can learn Skills for:
1) Fist fighting (untrained humani)
2) Visualisation
3) Air
4) Fire
5) Earth
6) Water
7) Element Air combination Skills
8) Alchemy
9) Necromancy
10) Magic
11) Swordfighting
12) Aura Skills

Master Skills:
If you learned all the Skills of one element, you can go and search for a master that will train you to truly master those Skills. If the master is nice enough to grant your request, you'll see the master buttons in your profile.
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Next Generation Elder

Posts: 18,045

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Feb 6 11 10:44 PM

I have a note to add for you on Sword Skills.

You can learn Sword Skills at any time once you're Awakened, however you can only use the Sword Skills attacks if you have a sword in your backpack. It can be the short sword, long sword or any of the swords of power, but you will need a sword with you to use the attacks.

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