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- The goal of the game is to become immortal. You can reach this status by levelling up as much as possible and by learning to control magic, and learning the skills.
- Before you start 'Adventure to Immortality’, you will need to sign up. To do this, click on the sign up button.
- When you're signed up you will start off in your house, there's a letter there from Nicolas Flamel. Once you've read that, your adventure really starts.
- If you want to go somewhere during the game, click on Machiavelli's Map. This Italian knows where many masters and their wealth are located.
- You choose your quest/ location from the map by clicking the pin, it'll take you there by ley gate.
- A quest is the thing you're going to do. For example: Get awakened, learn a magic, learn a skill or become immortal.
- The compass in the bottom right hand corner will take you to the scoreboard where you can see your ranking, just click on it.
- You can get also get back to your house from the map (by clicking on the house icon right in the top). Once there you can do various things.
- Of course you need several items during your quest, you can find them on the way or buy them in the market or shops.
- To buy an item, click on the symbols for the market or the shop (on the top right of the map).
- Unnecessary items can be sold in the market. These items should be stored in your house!
- If your backpack is full and you find an item, you can choose to remove something from your backpack or continue your quest and leave the item. The maximum number of items you can carry is 5.
- Your levels go up when defeat creatures or archons.
- If you are awakened up and ‘find’ a master you can ask if (s)he can train you a special skill, they may say yes, or no, it can depend on the level you have reached. If they say no, you can always return to them later when you have reached a higher level and ask again.