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May 5 11 10:22 PM

In March, I went on the annual "Europe Trip" that one of the history teachers in at my school takes the Juniors and Seniors on. We spent the last three days of the trip in Paris, so looking at this again has brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Especially since I was (un)lucky enough to lose my camera on the beach in St. Malo the day before we went to Paris, so I only have the pictures I took in England before I had to change memory cards. flamelssecret/crying.gif
However, I'm kicking myself for deciding to not reread The Magician before the trip, because I completely forgot that they start out at Sacre-Cour. We ended up going there twice, and I had completely forgotten it's significance to me. Go figure. flamelssecret/wall_.gif lol

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May 7 11 10:46 AM

Aww, I feel with you,
I'm like that all the time too

And wow, to know that all those places really exist, it really brings the story to life.

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May 9 11 7:25 AM

Once again, good job, you really have a good deal of commitment

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Jun 7 11 2:38 AM

Can't wait to see that! flamelssecret/dance.gif

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Apr 12 12 1:59 AM

**This thread has now closed to prevent spoilers from The Enchantress**

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