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Oct 19 10 2:16 PM

While I like serials and stand-alone books, my very favourites are books who feature recurring characters. I like it when a book introuduces you to some people and then in authors later works, the characters come back. It's like bumping into an old friend you haven't seen for a bit Like a semi-sequel I suppose.

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Oct 20 10 1:58 AM

I voted 5-7. When I read books I always want more, but I think after 7 I really would want it to end after a while. Just for a book series in general, I love that I get roughly a year to analyze the book and get all my theories and predictions together. Just when I'm really good and ready, I get another book. I love that series literally last for years. No matter how fast I read, I have to wait for the next book. The characters in a book series get the chance to develop slowly and fully. The author can take a minor detail from an earlier book and make the entire plot revolve around it in later books and throw everyone for a loop.

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Oct 21 10 9:07 AM

When I read books, I always look for patterns. Whether it is a stand alone book or serials. I often write a table comparing the books in a book series.

The Flamel Series for example, when you take the first letters of the titles, you will have A, M, S, N, W, E. If we rearrange the letters, we would have NEWMAS, SAWMEN, SWANME, etc.. Another one is the gender. Alchemyst is male, Magician is male, Sorceress is female, Necromancer is male, Warlock is male, Enchantress is female. That's male, male, female, male, male, female. Michael said that there's no pattern in his series but it's cool anyways.. flamelssecret/hyper_.gif

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Bellus Stella

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Oct 21 10 8:26 PM

I chose small series because i tend to forget things between books. If all the books are out, then its easier for me cause i can read them all one after another. But if i have to wait, and then i read other series in between, oh boy lol And i also find, the smaller the series, faster it gets to the point! haha.

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Nov 20 10 10:59 AM

Book count is not the most important factor to me., when choosing between series and standalone books. In my opinion the story must go, as planed from beginning. A sequel for already finished book will newer be good. And if a story, that is supposed to be a large series is packed in one or two books, outcome won't be better.

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Feb 26 11 4:08 PM

There really should be a 'Doesn´t Matter' option. =\

But lacking a such, I went for 2-4. There´s an amazing tridecalogy that I especially love, though.


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Feb 26 11 4:39 PM

I prefer standalone or medium serials. Medium serials are the best for fantasy, I think, and good writer can do fantastic things in 6 books.

But I agree with Multiverse, I do not read something because of it's length... If I like a book, it doesn't matter whether it is of a length of Prose Edda or not, I'll read it.

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Feb 27 11 7:12 PM

I think I like them all but I had to click one, so medium series are great. But in reality they're all good. I like single books alot because they end mostly with you being satisfied, whereas with a series you kind of become attached to the characters so its sad to see them go. So both and ALL! flamelssecret/read.gif

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Apr 24 11 7:41 PM

I lprefer not too long series, max 5 parts, otherwise like when it's an ongoing series and you have to wait long, it ussaly loses the grip on you, the ... 'spark' books (and films) need to give off.
Actually, when I saw The Secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel series in the library there were only three and I assumed it was a trilogy.
You can imagine the look on my face when I finished The Sorceress

But as counterevidence to what I said up here, well ... you have the Nicholas Flamel series

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Apr 26 11 4:22 PM

I have to agree with the 'medium' series. Anything from a stand-alone book to a 5-6 book series is usually my happy medium. The only exception is the Legend of Drizzt. I'm currently on book 13. There are 20 books currently and there will be a 21st in October.

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Apr 26 11 4:48 PM

I prefer a good long series 3-7 instead of stand alone books. Stand alones are good but I do believe I prefer series over stand alones.

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May 31 11 2:32 PM

It all depends on the author if you can make each book in the series feel like an epic stand alone book while have it be part of the whole then I'm interested! And it also depends on the type of story it is.

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Nov 18 11 2:34 PM

I chose medium serials, 'cause the flamel series, the Harry Potter series, and so many more series' were perfect length for me!

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Nov 18 11 10:44 PM

Really... Never knew doctors could do stuff like that, but okay...
Probably special care doctors.

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Jan 5 12 1:08 AM

I like medium ones because hen there is only one book I am sad I finish it so quickly. But if they are too long, each individual book is not as good!

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Feb 16 12 11:33 AM

I chose large serials. Although, If I'm honest, it doesn't matter a whole lot. However, I do usually read books that are quite long.

Mostly I chose large serials because I really get into the world of the books, as well as the characters. Three of my favourite series are The Saga of Darren Shan, The Demonata and The Ranger's Apprentice(first two by same author), and they go for about 12 books, though the books themselves are quite small.
I never get bored with the series if the author is good enough, so large series all the way! ^-^
Sometimes I just don't want the series to end, I want it to go on and on because the world is so great and so are the characters - however I know that can't happen. flamelssecret/crying.gif

Also, I've read about someone having trouble getting some books from a series when they were younger, and I do believe I have the answer to their problem(as well as anyone else with the same problem). If you cannot get the book that you need to continue the series you are reading, simply walk up to a librarian behind a desk(with the computer) and ask if you can reserve a book. Very simple. Not quite sure how I discovered this, but it has served me well! I often ask a librarian to reserve some books I need to continue the series I'm reading.

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#58 [url]

Apr 29 12 10:07 PM

small serials

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it is good to have an end to journey towards but in the end it is the journey that matters
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Jul 12 12 3:49 AM

I prefer medium seriers, but Ill read any series. Series are good because you can find out more about the charters, and how they deal with whatever happened at the end of the other books.

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