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#262 [url]

Apr 12 11 6:01 AM

The mystic Great Elders led me here through the search engine now known as Google.

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#264 [url]

May 2 11 11:48 PM

I found this through Google, I wanted to find a site for the series but i originally saw it in google but I really got into it from wikipeadia. I was looking up info about the warlock and I saw there were online games. Yes, online games. and I saw the site under external links, so I looked into all of them and I liked this one because it let people give their opinions about the series.

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#265 [url]

May 7 11 10:37 AM

QUOTE (Pierulestheworld @ April 20, 2011 02:30 am)
I found it though Deviantart... the awesome pictures of Saint Germain and the Morrigan. Whoever made those is awesome. ^.^

You mean the ones of Bellus Stella?
Yea, there are a lot of cool thing on there

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#266 [url]

May 16 11 6:06 PM

I found it via Google. i was trying to find fanfiction, and i wanted to read more about Will and Pally, and I found the threads for them, and joined because I love these books.


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"And you know I never listen to you anyway." ~Will S, The Sorceress.

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#267 [url]

May 16 11 9:07 PM

I came here when I was about halfway through the Alchemyst and was searching online to find the Magician, and I found the forums. I joined immediately because of how much I love these books.

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#268 [url]

May 21 11 6:18 PM

By Michael Scott himself on Facebook.

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#270 [url]

Jun 20 11 9:26 PM

I found this website through Twitter. I forgot how.

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#272 [url]

Jun 22 11 6:09 AM

QUOTE (Floatzel98 @ June 22, 2011 07:06 am)
i only found this site because i started reading the books and wanted to know more about them!

Welcome Floatzel98, you'll be in good company here then! Please be aware if you haven't finished The Warlock that most threads are open to Warlock posts now so you may risk seeing spoilers. But we're glad you joined us and we are looking forward to reading your posts! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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#273 [url]

Jul 9 11 6:51 PM

My main way of finding this forum was google, but I really got to it from the portal page. It was from clicking around on the links there that I found this site.

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#275 [url]

Jul 30 11 7:48 PM

I was so anxious to know if there was anyone so obsessed with this book series as I am that I just searched in google for a forum and... There I am.

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Michael Scott, "The Magician", page 454, first paragraph.

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Papa Pat


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#276 [url]

Jul 31 11 2:46 PM

I found the forum by scrying, of course. I was using a genuine copy of a fake Anasazi salad bowl (c. 2006) and a mixture of spider sweat and basilisk drool for liquid. It didn't work, so I consulted Prof. Google. He showed me the error of my ways and revealed the forum to me.

He also told me that spiders don't sweat. Who knew? flamelssecret/jawdrop.gif

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#277 [url]

Jul 31 11 8:31 PM

I was just researching some stuff about auras because I believe in this stuff and I found this website. I read what I needed to read and left. then I looked up some other Nicolad Flamel stuff and I saw this website so I read some more about it. I liked it so I signed up for it because it has good info.

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#278 [url]

Aug 7 11 11:53 PM

i was just looking for pictures of the monsters and characters in the book and when i typed in marethyu and found this website

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#279 [url]

Aug 8 11 12:23 AM

We're very happy that you all found us, you're in great company here! We look forward to reading your posts as you join in with our discussions

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#280 [url]

Aug 9 11 4:33 PM

My friend told me about this site...

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