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#241 [url]

Nov 4 10 3:02 AM

QUOTE (LunaAquaVirgo @ November 03, 2010 06:33 pm)
QUOTE (Archon14 @ November 02, 2010 09:59 pm)
One of the "I found this site through..." poll options was "Gaia".
Does anybody know what that is?

According to the Google search for Gaia online, this is how that website is described:
"An online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world."

That is accurate, All those in one. Think RPG and forums combined. Michael also has a Gaia account, and if you look at my sig that was an avatar I had for that site.

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#243 [url]

Nov 4 10 6:38 PM

In series wikipedia pages "External links" selection. I was looking there for a link to a wiki about the series. There wasn't one, so went here to find out if one exists.

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#244 [url]

Nov 26 10 4:29 AM

i google searched the first book and found the immoratal portal and it lead me here!

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#245 [url]

Dec 6 10 8:09 PM

I actually stumbled upon this site on accident. I wanted to know more about the Torc clans so I googled them. I found this site, then I joined it!

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#246 [url]

Dec 6 10 11:24 PM

i was googling about the four swords of power for my lang. arts fictional story that i have to write, and clicked on this website!!!!!!!!!!!! and now i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! flamelssecret/clap3.gif wub.gif

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#247 [url]

Dec 6 10 11:28 PM

I joined in July, but I never said how I found it so...
I googled the books and found the website.

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#250 [url]

Dec 19 10 12:50 AM

Typed in the book, trying to find Micheal's page, and I found this! Thank you BING! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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#251 [url]

Dec 21 10 2:32 AM

Google. I read "The Alchemyst" and currently reading "The Magician" since i loved both books i searched on google "The secrtes of nicholas flamel forum" and found this.I was excited flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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#252 [url]

Jan 9 11 8:13 AM

i was google searching the game that tells you your aura

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#253 [url]

Jan 11 11 1:57 AM

In the back of the books, it has Michael Scott's website, I went there, when I first started reading them in May, found this site, looked around, and promtly forgot about it. Then in August, I read the Necromancer, remembered this site, and joined.

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#254 [url]

Jan 19 11 12:14 AM

I was trying to find out who Scathach was, so i googled her, and this website came up. Its a great website!!

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#257 [url]

Feb 17 11 7:20 PM

From Wiki.
"Author endorsed fan forum visited daily by the author." are the words that take me here.

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#258 [url]

Feb 24 11 3:21 PM

From Google search. Found it when i want to know who the Necromancer is. Just type Necromancer, John Dee and voila, i got lots of suggestion and this site is one among them (6 from top i think)..

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#259 [url]

Mar 7 11 10:02 AM

After I had read the first three books and the Necromancer still wasn't released I searched for it via google and when I found that out, I still kept searching for more info about the Necromancer...and eventually...I ended up here

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#260 [url]

Mar 7 11 3:02 PM

I found out via Google. I´d already read a brief mention about the site on Wikipedia, but I rarely go to forums wikipedia recommends me. I don´t know just why that is , actually. =/


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