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Dee was The Magician,

Dee the Magician? I think Francis is the Magician...

Yes, Dr Dee is the magician, Michael has confirmed that here on the forum.

but dee was also the necromancer, so he would have 2 titles

Actually Dee's not the Necromancer, Michael said Josh was the titular character other than Dee.

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My thoughts went there about Merthyu being someone else and Josh came to mind for some reason,  but I won't go that far. I don't know, there's a trend of blue eyes all over the place. Merthyu could be someone we've met and then the fact that they feel like they know him, but he says they don't,  it could be a ruse.  Nothings a coincidence in this stage of the series. The whole time travel thing, is creating a lot of possibilities.

Yeah, when I heard about the bright blue eyes, Josh immediately came to mind.

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