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Michael Scott

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May 25 10 1:38 AM

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Dear members,

Today, May 25th, The Necromancer is published in the US.
This is the fourth book in the 6 book sequence which, so far, comprises of 1611 manuscript pages and 390,523 words.

When I set out to begin this series, somehow I could never see this far ahead and yet, now I am deep into the Warlock and suddenly the end is in sight.

Very early on, in late September 2008, I was approached by Zephfire and asked if I would mind if some fans created a forum based around the Flamel series. I was flattered (as every writer should be when people want to talk about their books!) and on the 2nd October 2008 I became (after Zephfire) the second member of the forum. Today we have just over 1500 members, and there have been over 41,000 posts right across the forum threads.

I have been thrilled with the enthusiasm, the excitement and energy which greets each new topic. I am always delighted when I find someone researching their way to the truth and I am incredibly pleased when some event or character in the books send a forum member off on their own research.

I drop into the forum almost every day and now count the forum mods amongst my friends. Knowing that the forum is a safe place for readers of all ages is incredibly important to me and to the mods also, and they work hard to ensure that the forum is both generous and welcoming to everyone. We are, I am pleased to say, flame free.

I am sometimes asked what will happen to the forum when the Flamel series finishes. The forum is not going to go away. The last Flamel, The Enchantress, will be published in hard back in 2012, then in paperback in the USA in 2013, and then foreign editions will continue to appear for years afterward. And of course, the new series, The Earthlords, is on the way. There have been hints in the series about the Earthlords and some bigger clues in The Necromancer. There are lots to come.

The Portal and forum have always been the number one fansite, but today, on the launch of The Necromancer, as a way of saying thank you to everyone for their support, I am declaring Flamel's Immortal Portal, the only OFFICIAL fan site of the series.

A big thank you to everyone for reading, writing, debating, arguing and supporting. You - all of you, mods and members - have made this happen.

With best wishes,

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May 25 10 1:41 AM

I would like to say a very special thank you to Michael for recognising and appreciating the work the team put into the sites, and also to you, our members for your continued support! We're hugely grateful for all the time you spend posting with us! And it's a wonderful credit to everyone involved that we have received this wonderful endorsement! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

P.S.. Look up!

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#2 [url]

May 25 10 1:47 AM

YAY SQUEEEEEE!!! flamelssecret/hyper_.gif flamelssecret/hyper_.gif

A huge thank you to Michael for all the time he puts in coming to spend time and answer our questions here on the forums. I bow to Zephfire and Himanjls for all their hard work making this a great fun and safe place for all. And I send lots of love and appreciation to all the humani out there, the members of the forum, we do this for you and wouldnt be here without you!


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#4 [url]

May 25 10 2:00 AM

Woohoo! We're official! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

A big thanks to Michael Scott for being so generous by being involved so closely with his fans. Also, thanks to the mods and admins who keep this site free, awesome, and safe from flame.

Thanks guys!

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#5 [url]

May 25 10 2:03 AM

hmmm i cannot wait until tomorrow i am extremely tempted to skip school just so i can get the necromancer early but i want to graduate and that may interfere with my plans so i am going to go flamelssecret/crying.gif darn you school

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#6 [url]

May 25 10 2:06 AM

Congratulations to all the staff, moderators, and members of the now OFFICIAL fan forum of the Flamel series!

Also a very big thanks to Michael Scott for his time and involvement in the forum and for answering some of the fans' questions! flamelssecret/bow.gif

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The Enchantress: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott
May 22, 2012 | Official Fan Site | Official Author's Site

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#7 [url]

May 25 10 2:10 AM

We're official!!!!!!!!!!

Wow CONGRATS guys!!! flamelssecret/hyper_.gif To all the Admins, Mods for all their hard work!! As a member I can tell you guys love what you're doing and members can see that!! The forum is awesome and I enjoy being here! Not to mention the Podcasts! ;]

Also a big thank you to Mr.Scott for having the time to visit the forum daily and answer our questions, and read our theories!! We really appreciate this Mr.Scott. flamelssecret/bow.gif

And..what else?? ah to all of the amazing members!! I've met some of the nicest (and craziest flamelssecret/hysterical.gif ) people Humani guys also rock!

Keep up the GREAT work guys!! Viva La Portal! flamelssecret/love0030.gif

(what a long post..Can't you tell I'm excited? XD)

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#9 [url]

May 25 10 2:25 AM

Whoa. Mind Exploded.

Congrats to everyone, especially the mods, admins for all the work you guys put in to make this possible. It's really a great thing you've got going here.

To Mr. Scott - Thanks for all the awesomeness you give to the Forum, for answering the questions, for the reveals big and small, and for writing this incredible series.

And to all the members - met some awesome people, talked some awesome theory. You guys are all insanely awesome, and it's great to hang out, theorize blindly, and occasionally conquer the world with you all.

Can't wait to read the Necromancer, and here's to plenty more Forum/Portal awesomeness in the future.

And again to the mod/admin staff - Congrats guys. You deserve it. flamelssecret/bow.gif

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#10 [url]

May 25 10 2:35 AM

YAY!! flamelssecret/clap3.gif Congratulations to everyone, this forum would not be what it is without all of you! Also, a big thanks to all the Hebdomads, especially Michael for making us official!

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#11 [url]

May 25 10 2:38 AM

Wow, this is beyond cool. I can't stop staring at the Official Fan Forum part of the banner. Congratulations everyone.

Thank you to the Admin and Mod teams for keeping up with the, er... "excitement" that goes around on the daily basis. As our numbers grow the Forum just keep getting better, keep it up guys. And to Mr. Scott for taking time out of his busy, busy schedule to read our theories and answer questions.

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#12 [url]

May 25 10 4:03 AM

honored to be a part of this amazing forum and theorize with some amazing people! Thank you to Zephire for the great idea and Thank you Mr. Scott for being so kind hearted and generous! I love this forum. great job mods!

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#13 [url]

May 25 10 6:18 AM

I would like to say thank you to you Mr. Scott, for giving us the distinct pleasure of being official now. I love your writing style and the way you bring your stories to life. I also love the way you are active in the forum and that you read and respect everyone's opinion on the series and the research. You Mr. Scott are a true writer and a hero of mine, keep up the good work and please continue to amaze and inspire all the new readers, writers, and fans, like you have amazed and inspired me.

And a thank you to all the Administrators and Moderators for keeping this one of the friendliest and most fun sites I have ever been too. Also for making this site safe for everyone and making all the members old and new feel respected and welcome. This site would not be here if it wasn't for you all and I thank you for the time and effort that you all put into the forums and the Portal.

We need a big thank you sign emote.

Thank You

The Conduit - Joshua

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QUOTE ( The Alchemyst)
I've known Nicholas Flamel for a very long time. He is many things-Dangerous and devious, cunning and deadly, a good friend and an implacable enemy-but he comes from an age when a man's word was indeed precious. If he gives you his word that he's done all this for your protection, then I am suggesting that you believe him. ~ Scathach

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#14 [url]

May 25 10 6:44 AM

QUOTE (TheConduit @ May 25, 2010 08:18 am)
We need a big thank you sign emote.

Will these work?
1.user posted image
2.user posted image


The necromancer comes out today! flamelssecret/hyper_.gif

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#15 [url]

May 25 10 7:58 AM

Wow~ This is really cool! Congrats to all the members especially the admin, mods, the staffs, and of course Mr. Scott himself! Nice work! *can't stop smiling*
I feel so happy to be a part of this forum...
And finally, today, The Necromancer!

Btw, Elena, I like the first one too...

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#16 [url]

May 25 10 9:41 AM


We're Official

thanks to all the members, admin, moderators, and many more

especially Michael Scott, and Zephfire!!!!!!!!!!
thank you

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#17 [url]

May 25 10 1:07 PM

Thank you redux to Indigo Spirit, Phvolt220, Elena, Fuzzbinn, Moviebuff, Mandragora, The Conduit, Gabrielle and Shadow lead! It's members like you guys that come back everyday and post your ideas, thoughts and theories, that keeps the forum an interesting and enjoyable place to be! I hope the lockdown on Necromancer talk passes quickly as I can't wait to talk about it with all of you! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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#18 [url]

May 25 10 1:49 PM

Thanks to Michael and everyone that has made this such a fun site to be a part of. When I heard about the portal and the forum from Zeph I knew I had to come in and be a member. That seems like forever ago and now I am so happy and proud to be part of the team and more so the extended Flamel family. I count so many of you as not just forum buddies but as my friends. Thanks to Zeph and the whole team for making this site so very special to all of us, and congratulations to you all for you enthusiasm and excitement, which is infectious!

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#19 [url]

May 25 10 1:52 PM

Woot.... that is so awesomely awesome! Congrats to the mods, and thanks for creating such a great place to discuss all things Flamel.

Yay! Thank you Mr Scott

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#20 [url]

May 25 10 2:00 PM

Wow, that is, quite simply, really cool! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

I'm heading down to my town's library at lunch today to see if they got The Necromancer in, and hopefully they have so I can read for the rest of the night!

Thanks to Michael, Zeph, the whole Mod team, and all of the members for making this such a wonderful place. You're all great!

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