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May 7 10 1:33 AM

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Here's the answers for the most frequently asked questions:

How do I get an aura colour/ scent?

There are two main ways our members have chosen their aura colours, the first is that they've played the online Alchemyst game Click here to go to the game and have been told their aura colour from that, or they've chosen it for themselves, maybe their favourite colour or a colour that has particular importance to them. All members have chosen their own aura scents.

I've chosen my aura colour and scent, but how do I get them to show up under my posts?

At the top of the page on the right hand side you'll see "My controls" click on that and you'll get a new page with a menu on the left hand side, in that list you'll see "Edit my signature" click that and you'll have a page with a box, enter your text there (for tips on colour and bold text see post below) when you've entered your text, click "Update my signature" and then whenever you post, your signature will appear.

What about the magic specialities etc, elemental magic mastered where can I get mine?

Those choices are made by the members themselves, you are free to decide what yours are.

How do I get a picture banner?

You can create your banner in any image manipulation software, Photoshop is the most popular or there are many banner making sites online. When making your banner make sure to keep it's size within COC max dimension limits (max limits are: 600 pix long by 125 pix high)

How do I put my banner in my signature?

At the top of any page on the right hand side you can see the "My controls" tab, click that, and on the left hand side of the page it brings up you'll see "Edit signature" click on that and you will get a page with a text box for you to enter the link to your banner. Click the [IMG] tag button above the box (or simply type it!), enter the link to your banner and make sure to close the tag with [(/)IMG] (without the round brackets inside, they're only there to prevent the IMG tag code from activating! You will want the tag code to activate so you'll need to omit them!)

How do I get the title of Magician etc under my name?

Your title will change as you take part in the forum, as you post your post count will grow and you will rise up through the member ranks. Beware though, making one word posts etc just to get your post count up is a violation of the forum Code Of Conduct and will lead to the posts being deleted, if they're deleted they will be subtracted from your post count!

What are those orbs under people's names, and why haven't I got any?

The orbs will appear as you reach a different member rank. Each time you reach a new rank, Magician, Alchemyst etc you will get a new orb. You reach ranks at the following post counts:

and the final member rank is achieved at 10000 posts.

What rank goes with what post count?

You'll find out when you get there!
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May 7 10 1:39 AM

How do I use the tags to change my text?
If you're having problems or confused about how to get the tags to work, here's what you need to know, and it applies to any tag, be it for colour text, underlining, bolding, or inserting images and or links (but don't forget to get your links approved first!). When you open a tag eg: [b] for bold text, [i] for italicised, [url] for a link, [color] for colour text and so on, you need to make sure that after you have entered the text or link that you close the tag by using the [/ (insert the corresponding letter or letters here)].
There's a quick selection of tags in the next post.



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Jul 25 10 12:40 PM

Bold Text
[b] opens bold text [/ then b] closes that tag.

Italic text
[i] opens italic text [/then i] closes that tag.

Underlined text
[u] opens the underline text [/then u] closes that tag.

Colour Text
[color] opens the colour text choices, choose the colour that you want from the drop down menu for example, [color=red] and [/then color] closes that tag, if you want to use a colour that is not available from the drop down menu, then you'll need to enter the hex code preceded by a #, so it'll look like this: [color=# hex number here] (not all hex colours present well) don't forget that colour text is restricted to your sigs & the birthday/holiday threads, only mods may use colour text to edit in the rest of the forum!

When you come to use these tags, omit the 'then' from the brackets, if I did that the text would behave as the tags dictate and you wouldn't be able to see how the tags work! You can also use the "Preview post" function to see if your tags are working, if they aren't the most common cause of that is that you have forgotten the / in closing the tag.
When using them make sure to keep the C.O.C as using large text, coloured text and different font text outside of the Birthdays & Holidays thread, or your signatures is not allowed!
Hope that helps, and if you get stuck, you are always welcome to ask the team member online at the time for their help, or leave us a message in this thread and we'll answer it as soon as we can!



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Apr 11 11 2:08 AM

What is a Moderator?

Moderators are volunteers who have been chosen to help keep the forum running smoothly. They are there to help answer questions, to show new members how to use a forum, to mediate should a member dispute arise, to keep threads on topic and to further conversations and to ensure the forum rules are abided by.

How do I get to be an Admin or Moderator?

The Senior Admin places are filled permanently, there will be no more Senior Admin places created. Assistant Admins are chosen from our Moderator team. Moderators are chosen for their knowledge of the COC, their frequent posting, for showing kindness and consideration towards other members, and for their knowledge of the series.

How do you choose a new Moderator?
When choosing a new Moderator, we look for a member in good standing, someone who keeps to the rules of the forum, respects other members and their opinions, logs in regularly and posts often, who shows a clear knowledge of and love for the series. It doesn't matter if you've had any cautions or been placed in Moderation before, most people slip up at some point! However, members that consistently break rules or who have had more than 1 formal warning will not be considered.

What happens if I break the forum rules?
If you are a new member you'll receive a PM from one of the Mod team letting you know what rule you've broken and asking you to read the COC again so that you familiarise yourself with our rules.
Sometimes you may see a Moderator has posted an 'Edit' note on your post, this a caution to let you know that you're either about to break a rule, or have done so already, you are not allowed to remove these comments.
If you keep breaking the rules you'll be placed on Post Moderation.
If you persist in breaking the rules after the maximum amount of Post Moderation (30 days) the you'll be issued a Formal Warning. You will only get three Formal Warnings before you are permanently banned from the forum.
Once you are banned, you will not be permitted a new registration, banning will not be overturned and we will not negotiate for you to be able return to the forum.

What is the 'Warn level' meter, and why do I have it?
Everyone on the forum has this warn meter under their name. The only people who can see your warn meter are you and people on the Admin/Mod team.
If you are issued a formal warning by an Admin your meter will rise to reflect that, Formal Warnings are not too common as we try and reserve them for only severe COC violations or repeated violations. You will only receive 3 Formal Warnings before you are banned from this forum.

What is Post Moderation?
Post Moderation means that when you make a post it will not show up immediately as it normally would. Your post will be held in a queue where it is not visible until a Moderator has reviewed the post and approved it. Once it has been approved it will appear on the forum, if the post is not approved it will not appear and will be deleted. If Moderators are around your posts may appear within a couple of minutes, however, if no Moderators are available then it could be some time before your post appears.

I don't like your rules, why should I keep to them?
Our rules are designed to make this forum a safe and happy place where all members are treated equally. If you do not wish to abide by our rules then it is probably best for you if you seek out an unregulated forum as we do enforce our rules and Moderators log in daily to ensure the rules are kept by all.



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Jun 9 11 7:28 PM

Using the Search function

The Search function can be found on the upper right hand side of every page on the forum, just below the Flamel's Secret logo, designated by a small magnifying glass.

Click on Search to enter the search function.

Enter what you are searching for in the Search by Keywords box on the left hand side.

If you know who posted what you are looking for, you may enter that members name in the Filter by Member Name box to maximize your results.

If you know what area of the forum the post was made in, you can select that specific area in the Search Where, if you don't know choose >All Forums

The Refine Search area is going to be the most helpful. In this area you can make selections that will help to narrow down your search.

-Search posts from... will allow you to only search through posts made within the time frame selected. If you don't know choose >Any Date

-Sort results by... will allow you to adjust how the search results are displayed. If you don't know choose >Last Posting Date / descending order

-Search where... will allow you to search through only the titles of posts, or both titles and body. If you don't know choose >Search entire post

-Result type will allow you to choose between displaying individual posts as the results, or only the topic they are in. This is the most useful option on this screen! You will want to always choose >Show results as posts

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