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Mar 1 10 5:01 PM

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If you are reading this and cannot post or use the PM system it is because you are currently in the Quarantined member group, this is due to the forum being currently under attack from spam bots, if you are a legitimate member, please post in this thread (it is the only place on this forum where you can post) and either Zephfire or Hitmanjls will help you with your registration. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but hope that you will appreciate that this measure is only being taken to protect the integrity of our forum.
Thank you.

Members: You are able to read this post, that doesn't mean that you are now in Quarantine! If you are unsure, go back to the main page and look towards the bottom of the page, where you'll see the "Members online" if your name is there in black then you are fine, if your name is there in a murky yellow/green colour then you are in Quarantine and need to follow the instructions above.
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#3 [url]

Jul 3 10 7:04 AM

No. I'm not a bot. Please allow me to post.

How do I get permission to pot on the threads? I clicked the link in the verification email it sent but I am still locked out. Please help.

please do not post twice in a row use the edit button instead to modify your post. Thanks

Also your membership has been approved, you were still validating and you just needed a member of the admin team to approve your membership which can take some time if one is not available. I have approved your membership and you are free to post on the forum.

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#4 [url]

Jul 8 10 5:05 PM

Can I start posting please? lol (I find it odd I have to ask to start posting. but I do get the reason.)

You're membership has now been approved. Please review the Welcome message you've been sent.

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#5 [url]

Jul 27 10 11:42 AM

plse help me post!!!

user posted image

'people come into your life and people leave it... you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you-Orlando Bloom
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#7 [url]

Sep 15 10 12:47 AM

Broski, this sight looks really tight. Can I be able to right on it please?

K thanks,


**Spacecadet has completed your registration for you, welcome to the forum! Z. **

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#9 [url]

Sep 26 10 9:22 PM

Hey guys
Omg itz me here. requesting permission to post in this forum as to add my opinion with the hope that people will use it and the opinion of others to formulate their own ideas.
I just want to give my flamelssecret/twocents.gif

Omg iTz Me

I have completed your registration ~SC

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#10 [url]

Oct 2 10 6:31 AM

Please allow me to post. Please...

Your registration has been completed ~SC

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#11 [url]

Oct 21 10 6:33 AM

I would like to ask as to why I can not post elsewhere, yet I can post here, also as stated by the Admin(with Zephfire picture), that if our name is not murky yellow/green, then we are fine, but I still can not post anything.

Therefore I would like to ask if it has anything to do with the registration times, as in how long it takes for approveal of membership?

Your registration has been completed ~hitmanjls

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#12 [url]

Oct 26 10 10:20 AM

i would please like to be able to post

why can't i anyway?

please please i want to post flamelssecret/pray.gif

You couldn't post before because your membership was still validating, but I have approved you membership and you will be able to post now ~SC

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Every war is the result of a difference of opinion. Maybe the biggest questions can only be answered by the greatest of conflicts.

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Next Generation Elder

Posts: 18,045

#16 [url]

Mar 11 11 6:18 PM

QUOTE (MarissaSmith1112 @ March 11, 2011 06:48 pm)
plz let me post! Why can't we post?

As you were informed in the PM I sent you, you will not be able to post because you have an existing membership and multiple memberships are not permitted on this forum. You will be able to post when you log in with your existing, active membership.

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#19 [url]

Mar 19 11 9:12 PM

i dont get it i have read all the new membership infomational posts still i dont understand how to do anything exept this

Your registration has been approved you should be able to post around the boards now.

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#20 [url]

Apr 9 11 10:18 PM

please enable me to post.

Your membership was in validation but it has been approved now

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