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Jan 18 10 5:13 PM

Transformers wasn't really the director, but the writer. It had no...plot, or really anything, for me, I don't think. Although we can all agree that Transformers 2 was very bad.
I mean, great concept of taking the original show/comics/whatever it was before, but...ehh.

Although he has the coolest name! Lorenzo di Bonaventura!!!!

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Jan 23 10 1:49 AM

ok so appearently my english teacher who has yet to read the series heard from me what the book was about for a repot and as i told her of it she asked me if it was becoming a movie i told her yes and according to her she saw a preview... aka trailer to the Alchemist saying she saw everything i described what happened in the first book especially the book shop scene... is it true there is a trailer out finally? if not then how did one similar to it end up in the previews to the new Holmes movie? flamelssecret/wall_.gif


and if there is a trailer can anyone post link for it???

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#144 [url]

Jan 23 10 5:40 AM

Transformers 1 was awesome! I liked No. 2, but there were some scenes I didn't care for and the writers I don't think did all that great for no. 2.....but the Transformer scenes were all great, which is really why I like the movies.

I would be shocked...(and a little disappointed) if the writers for Transformers ended up writing the script for The Alchemyst. I can't wait 'til we start getting more news for this movie! The wait is the hardest part!

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#145 [url]

Jan 23 10 2:42 PM

yeah i think my teacher was wrong and that it was the sorcerers apprentice. however i think that nicholas cage would look good as Francis (Comte de Saint Germain) personally

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#146 [url]

Feb 23 10 11:06 PM

i don't know who but i believe that some one on youtube had put Nicholas Cage as Nicholas Flamel , i dont think he'd work so well for Nick.
so Nick Cage as Nicholas Flamel i give him a.... -4 flamelssecret/grouphug.gif oh look French flag flamelssecret/sFl_france2.gif he he

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#147 [url]

Feb 24 10 7:48 AM

I think it would be better if the actors were either better than Cage or less-known (all of them). I, personally, think Cage's face is just too 'special' and I would hardly start thinking of him as Nicolas. If you catch my drift.

One thing about the characters I would love to see is entirely unknown twins (real ones) as actors!

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#148 [url]

Feb 24 10 2:06 PM

and Scatty..she has to be perfect!! XD
*please god* flamelssecret/love0030.gif

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#149 [url]

Feb 25 10 6:22 PM

Im in an acting agency and the person who does all the communications said, they haven't ever done auditions for Sophie and Josh but they are looking for unknown's. No audition dates have been set.


Michael Scott

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#150 [url]

Feb 25 10 7:36 PM


Please post or send me immediately the name, address and contact details for "the person who does all the communications..." in your agency. I want to know who told them that "they" are looking for "unknowns" for the roles of Sophie and Josh.

Let me confirm now. There have been NO auditions for Sophie and Josh. NO decisions have been made about casting. NO audition dates have been set.


There is NO script yet. And how can we go looking for actors if there is no script? Let me add that we are at least a year, maybe 18 months away from that at the moment.

I will post the latest news here and on my website. Unless, the news is posted by me, or confirmed by Zephfire, do not believe it.


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#151 [url]

Feb 25 10 8:14 PM

I really wished the film would come out/ get in creation faster I cant wait how they are gonna make all of the cool things in the book; I think Johny Depp would make a great dr J dee.
I so hope that the movie wont ruin the books for me. Some movies ruin books. And mabey you could ask Hanz Zimmer to write soundtrack and music for the series he has done manny great soundtracks

sorry for gramm errors


#152 [url]

Feb 26 10 12:22 AM

I called her and she sent me a fax saying there was a miss communication in the title of what the auditions were for. The knowledge was second hand and invalid. She did not believe me when I told her that you were the one who replied. She saw it was truly you who had posted and was paralysed. She expresses her most sincere apologies and I would like to also apologise for the confusions I must have caused.


Auron-Len Hogan.
P.S: You book's inspired me to start writing and I am pleased to finally tell you that I'm in the preprocess of having it published.



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#153 [url]

Mar 3 10 1:01 AM

flamelssecret/OFF T SMILEY.gif Members, this is the Film Updates thread, for updates only! Please keep film ideas and discussions to the "Alchemyst Film, Your thoughts" thread! Thank you.

#154 [url]

May 31 10 10:17 PM

QUOTE (Michael Scott @ November 18, 2009 09:18 pm)
Well, I have been promising news of the Flamel movie. Here's the press release. The movie was set up with New Line, but New Line were absorbed by Warner and the rights reverted to me. There has been tremendous interest in the series and eventually, it went to Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who is the man responsible for bringing HP to Warner when he was there.

He genuinely loves this series. The next step now is to attach a writer - I will not write it, I have 3 more books to do.


This article appears in today's Daily Variety:

DiBonaventura sets up 'Secret'
Company to produce 'Nicholas Flamel' series
'The Magician'

'The Alchemist'

Lorenzo di Bonaventura and his Di Bonaventura Pictures is going secret, signing a deal to produce Michael Scott’s six-part fantasy series “The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.”

Michael Scott and Barry Krost will serve as exec producers on the projects.

"Michael's fantastic series is a natural evolution from Harry Potter," said Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Scott's series follows fifteen-year-old twins Sophie and Josh as they adventure across several continents with the immortal alchemyst of the title, Nicholas Flamel.

"The Alchemyst," "The Magician" and "The Sorceress" are the first three of Scott's books in the series published by Delacorte Press Books, an imprint of Random House, and are available in 37 countries and 20 languages. The fourth book, "The Necromancer," will be published in May.

Di Bonaventura's produced "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra," the two "Transformers" and the upcoming "Salt" starring Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber.

The Flamel series had been optioned by New Line three years ago and was set up with Mark Burnett to produce what the studio hoped would be a six-picture franchise (Daily Variety, Nov. 21, 2006).

Flamel was an actual French alchemist who was born in 1330. His character was included in J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” and the film adaptation, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

flamelssecret/clap3.gif alright i would love to be a part of the movie anypart im not a picky kind of person and i was thinking it would be a great movie flamelssecret/jawdrop.gif flamelssecret/dance.gif flamelssecret/love0030.gif

#155 [url]

Jun 6 10 12:34 AM

well its june 5th and still no new news? last film update i saw on here is the one from february i hope things are going well for it wub.gif

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#156 [url]

Jun 11 10 1:05 AM

QUOTE (natman2009 @ June 06, 2010 01:34 am)
well its june 5th and still no new news? last film update i saw on here is the one from february i hope things are going well for it wub.gif

No, no news yet we will post it as soon as we have anything that's confirmed, the film making process is a slow and complicated one!

#157 [url]

Jun 13 10 5:55 PM

Come on, this is too frozen! They must start doing something, auditions or script! This way this is will never be carried forward...

flamelssecret/hourglass.gif flamelssecret/hourglass.gif Too much waiting for news, im impatient



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#158 [url]

Jun 13 10 7:40 PM

QUOTE (amportugal @ June 13, 2010 12:55 pm)
Come on, this is too frozen! They must start doing something, auditions or script! This way this is will never be carried forward...

flamelssecret/hourglass.gif  flamelssecret/hourglass.gif Too much waiting for news, im impatient 

Unfortunately movie making is a slow process, so we all must be patient but as soon as there is news to tell we will be sure to post it



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#160 [url]

Jun 15 10 9:50 PM

QUOTE (natman2009 @ June 15, 2010 08:21 pm)
is it still predicted to be in 2011? or more like 2012 or 2013?

Again, we don't have the details yet, but when we do we'll post them.

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