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Oct 22 09 6:26 PM

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On behalf of the entire team here at Flamel's Immortal Portal I would like to extend a thank you to every member here, and even those that just stalk the forum (Join up already!!!) for making this past year 1 heck of a run. We grew to proportions we never expected and we are continuing to grow all thanks to you, the fans!

And of course the largest debt of gratitude to Mr. Michael Scott for being such a large part of this "little project"

So keep those fan art, fan fic and essays coming, and we'll continue to bring you the latest and greatest news and theories regarding The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

P.S. - Have you ever wanted to be an Apprentice...?

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#1 [url]

Oct 22 09 6:55 PM

I would like to be an apprentice. Is this a serious offer?


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Oct 22 09 8:37 PM

Congrats on the Anniversary!

What kind of Apprentice are we being? Sounds dramatic...

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#3 [url]

Oct 22 09 8:51 PM

My apprentice... im looking for a new one after my other one... oh never mind its not important


Happy anniversary to the site! YAY i cant believe its been a year already. Im looking forward to many more years to come



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#4 [url]

Oct 22 09 9:03 PM

Happy happy anniversary to the Forum! This is such a wonderful place to be, thank you to all the founders for getting this off the ground; to all the members here for keeping all of the conversations so interesting; and to Mr. Scott for creating this world we all love so much!

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#5 [url]

Oct 22 09 11:06 PM

Thanks to all the Immortal Portal staff members for making this such an awesome site and, of course, Mr. Scott for writing these wonderful books.

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#6 [url]

Oct 23 09 1:28 AM

What does said Apprenticeship include? And yay for the anniversary! On February 19 it will be my first anniversary with the forum. There were some hard times but we made it though and we're never ever splitting up!


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#7 [url]

Oct 23 09 4:03 AM

Yay! flamelssecret/clap3.gif Huzzah for the first anniversary! I really have no idea what I'd do without this place. A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make this forum such an awesome place!

Hmm...Apprentice...well if it's in italics and is capitalized, it's gotta be pretty important. Sign me up

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#9 [url]

Oct 23 09 5:09 AM

and how would one become an Apprentice?

1 year, whoa! when I first join I thought the site's been up for a while. Never a dull moment here and ideas ideas keep on coming.

great year 1. Kudos to the people behind the sites success - the founders, admin and mods - to the members to keep this engine running and to Mr. Scott, for without whoms imagination none of us will be here pledging alligiance to Elders

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#10 [url]

Oct 23 09 7:36 PM

I cant believe its been already 1 year! Where does time go?
It has been an honour working with you all and discussing the books with all the Flamel fans around the world! Now this is my farwell. 1 year of this crazyness is enough for me! This is my last hour on the forum. So good day and goodnight to everyone!


Just kidding! Im not going anywhere! Can you tell its Friday!

In all seriousness, a HUGE thank you goes out to Jules for starting up this 'little project' and of course Mr. Scott for inviting us into this wonderful world! flamelssecret/clap3.gif
Happy Anniversary forum! flamelssecret/hyper_.gif

Now about this apprentice position ... Does being a team member give us an advantage over the forum members for the position?! Just kidding! I think im ready to start the weekend now!

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Michael Scott

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#11 [url]

Oct 24 09 4:28 PM

Congratulations to the forum. One year down, lots more to go!

I am thrilled and delighted to be involved with this forum: it is a very humbling experience to have your work analyzed and read in such a precise fashion.

We are working now to have this made the official fan forum and I hope to have news on that very soon.

Let me also add my thanks and appreciation for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the forum running smoothly and keep it a fun and safe place for everyone.

With best wishes,


#12 [url]

Oct 25 09 2:30 AM

Yes i would want to be an apprentice. I would also like to thanks Mr.Scott for help making this fansite. Give him a hand. flamelssecret/clap3.gif . I hope we grow .

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#14 [url]

Oct 26 09 3:31 AM

The first year to any forum is important because it has demonstrated that there are enough people interested, so congratulation for this year and hope for more to come. Congratulations to the staff for keep this place in order, to the members for give ideas and themes to keep someone thinking, and of course, to Mr. Scott to spend part of his time to stay here with the fans.

The apprentice position looks interesting and quite mysterious, so sign me in.

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#15 [url]

Oct 26 09 4:36 PM

QUOTE (mr_mears @ October 22, 2009 06:55 pm)
I would like to be an apprentice. Is this a serious offer?


i hope your not joking id love to be an apprentice flamelssecret/sFun_drool2.gif !!! but who's apprentice

QUOTE (Sparticle @ October 23, 2009 04:03 am)
Yay! flamelssecret/clap3.gif Huzzah for the first anniversary! I really have no idea what I'd do without this place. A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make this forum such an awesome place!

Hmm...Apprentice...well if it's in italics and is capitalized, it's gotta be pretty important. Sign me up

flamelssecret/Agreed.gif oh me two me two flamelssecret/clap3.gif

Please do not double post, use the "Edit" button isntead

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#16 [url]

Oct 27 09 7:31 AM

How to become an Apprentice will become clear soon flamelssecret/jawdrop.gif , we have a BIG surprise in store for all of you! flamelssecret/secret.gif And that's all I am at liberty to say right now...but I hope you're polishing up on your Alchemical studies! flamelssecret/read.gif study could bring you great reward! flamelssecret/dance.gif

#17 [url]

Oct 27 09 8:38 AM

Happy anniversary to the forums! (sorry I'm late!)
Wonder what this apprentice thing is all about? flamelssecret/confused0058.gif

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#18 [url]

Oct 27 09 12:51 PM

Sorry I'm a bit late too, I hadn't seen this thread was open!

A HUGE congartulations to the forum and a humongous THANK YOU to all the wonderful and lovely people behind all this - you couldn't possibly do a better job! flamelssecret/clap3.gif

And a GREAT thanks to Michael Scott for being so involved with his fans! flamelssecret/bow.gif

Oh, and yes, it would be wonderful if the forum would become the official site

And the Apprentice thing... wow, I think everyone's very, very, very excited about that!!

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#19 [url]

Oct 27 09 4:07 PM

I'm always late for these types of things these days.

This year has been an incredible journey and I cannot wait to see what is in store for everyone in our many years to come!! Thank you to the rest of the team for all of your hard work and friendship, especially my good friend Jules! I heart you guys!! flamelssecret/hug2.gif Thank you to all the fans who make this place a wonderful place to share our love for this amazing series! flamelssecret/clap3.gif And most of all thank you to Michael Scott for creating this fantastic series of books that we all love dearly and enjoy spending hours upon hours reading and researching! flamelssecret/bow.gif flamelssecret/bow.gif
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#20 [url]

Nov 11 09 1:32 AM

(I would've done this sooner if I had time between school and homework and sleeping...)


I'm liking the sound of this... Apprentice thing, put me on the list! lol

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