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Sep 7 09 3:28 PM

QUOTE (hitmanjls @ August 26, 2009 07:51 pm)
Josh Newman sat by the long, low fountain in Libbey Park directly across from the antiques shop and stared into the water. Two flower-shaped bowls, one larger than the other, were set in the center of a circular pool. Water spouted from the top bowl and flowed over the sides into the larger bowl beneath. This in turn overflowed into the pool.

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This is my absolute favorite of all the pictures and mapping that you worked so hard on!

You did an amazing job with this, I don't see where you found the time to get it done! I can't wait to see the other books mapped out as well!


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Sep 8 09 5:00 AM

wow thats great ive been planing a road trip to ojai so this helps a lot

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Sep 8 09 10:36 PM

you really should do this for the magician and the sorceress too. I have no idea what paris or london look like, so it'd be nice to know lol.

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Sep 13 09 12:53 AM

I've always wanted to go down to paris and see the catacombs and " La aurburg de Nicholas Flamel" and the eifel tower... I have a french girl in my french immersion school this year. she is from paris. I asked her if she has seen those places and she said that La aurburg de nicholas flamel is really classy and they have good food. she said that the catacombs are awesome and she loves them. she also said if i ever went to paris, the eifel tower wouldnt be the mane attraction like everyone else thinks.

So now, even though I probably will never go to paris, at least i can hear what its like! even if its threw a little girs mouth with a hard-to-understand-thick accent. lol.

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Sep 13 09 2:15 PM

flamelssecret/clap3.gif This is awesome! Can't wait to see if it is possible to do the same with the Magician!

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Sep 14 09 10:33 PM

That was really cool everything was real!! I liked it

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Sep 20 09 12:40 AM

great job!!!!!!, did you take all the photos???


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Sep 24 09 7:27 PM

This was amazing - really really great job!!!
And the pictures and everything! wow! flamelssecret/clap3.gif Thank you!

I'm going to Paris with my family this fall - and I am going through the Magician to look up all the places that would be worth visiting Anyone has any good guiding-lines/descriptions from the book when thery're in Paris?

Just curious

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Oct 25 09 5:27 AM

that was so great flamelssecret/clap3.gif are you going to make one for the magician and the soceress

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Nov 14 09 7:24 PM

QUOTE (DemLemons @ November 12, 2009 03:29 am)
Cool pictures iwonder where the part where nidhogg fell into the river is in paris! flamelssecret/hysterical.gif flamelssecret/bow.gif flamelssecret/raspberry.gif

I may be able to help with that - I've recently been to Paris, and I think I was in the area where Nidhogg fell in, but I'm not totally sure, as I have to go through some of the pictures again. But I think I have a picture from the place I will be uploading them in the members section soon, but it takes some time since I'm currently uploading the pictures with Photobucket, and that takes some time.. But I will get the pictures in here some time

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Nov 15 09 12:12 AM

Great work Hit,thanks for sharing it with us It helps us understand the book better if we have pictures of the places in mind.

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#34 [url]

Nov 18 09 4:36 AM

QUOTE (Helen @ November 15, 2009 01:12 am)
Great work Hit,thanks for sharing it with us It helps us understand the book better if we have pictures of the places in mind.

Happy to hear that you like the tour, we're looking forward to bringing the others to the forum too!

#35 [url]

Nov 18 09 12:47 PM

I've been to Paris and London aswell.. I'm going to look at my pictures again to see if I can find locations... For sure I've got like the Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower... will be lots of fun...

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#36 [url]

Nov 19 09 6:20 PM

QUOTE (hitmanjls @ August 26, 2009 07:48 pm)
Josh pulled away from a stop sign and turned right, heading for the Golden Gate Bridge.

user posted image

Redwood Hwy originates where I live....if you cross the 6th street bridge in Grants Pass, OR you will see the sign that says "Gateway to the Golden Gate Bridge". flamelssecret/clap3.gif

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Nov 20 09 3:00 PM

Sooo Cool. As I live in the Bay Area I love the trip around SF very nice!

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Nov 20 09 5:53 PM

Very nicely done! It is neat to see places described in the book, as it helps bring the details in focus a bit better (not that Mr Scott does not do a tremendous job describing the settings in the books!) but pictures give depth that is sometimes hard to imagine.

Maybe one day there will be a "Immortal Secrets" tour that will take visitors around to the different sites in the books I would be up for one that takes me to Europe any day!

I do find it interesting that tourists are always so interested in the Eiffel Tower, but I have heard many times (and here in this thread as well) that for most Parisians and French, it is really no big deal.

Thanks for all the efforts in finding the pictures and putting together the virtual tour!

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#40 [url]

Nov 20 09 11:02 PM

Tracing The Magician is in the works and coming soon!

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