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Jul 26 12 4:31 PM

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Wasn't Horus the son of Isis though?? Or at least that's how the Egyptian mythology tells it...

Also, I dont' think it was ever revealed why Mars was gathering the aura contained in the Humani, was he trying to "steal" Prometheus's aura?

in some myths he was her brother

There are actually two Horus' from Egyptian myth. The older Horus which is the sibling of Isis and Osiris and the young Horus which is the son. They started as two separate entities but often end up lumped together.

Yes, that is correct. There is the elder Horus, one of the five children of Nut anf Geb. This Horus is married to Hathor and has four children, the four sons of Horus. He is brother to Isis, Osiris, Set, and Nepthys, or however you spell that. Them there is the younger Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, who avenges his parents murder by defeating Set, his uncle.

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