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Nov 3 09 2:15 AM

oooo I really want some cool author to come around here. Hopefully Micheal *fingers crossed* or maybe Frank Beddor

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Nov 3 09 2:57 AM

You know, I never have a camera on me when I go into Borders. Ever.
If I had a phone maybe that wouldn't be a problem!
Mmm. But the series was the Staff Pick for a long time.

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Feb 27 10 9:22 PM

QUOTE (GoldenAura8 @ January 25, 2010 08:48 pm)
my local book stores i havent seen displays...i have to hunt for the books like a caveman looking for dinner

Ha Ha! I have that problem at libraries, if you don't know the exact title or the author of the book it is impossible to find the one you're looking for.

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May 8 10 3:46 AM

With the release of The Necromancer looming new displays will start popping up in your local bookstores, if any of you see a nice display for the series, please take a photo and show us all! Thank you flamelssecret/bow.gif

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May 8 10 2:47 PM

I don't have a photo yet, but I was B&N the other day and saw only 2 copies of The Alchemyst, in the Teens Favorite table and only 1 copy of The Magician in Teen Fiction. I asked the lady at the counter if they had more and she said they were sold out but getting ready to do pre-orders for the new book. So I placed mine.

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QUOTE ( The Alchemyst)
I've known Nicholas Flamel for a very long time. He is many things-Dangerous and devious, cunning and deadly, a good friend and an implacable enemy-but he comes from an age when a man's word was indeed precious. If he gives you his word that he's done all this for your protection, then I am suggesting that you believe him. ~ Scathach

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May 15 10 11:21 PM

QUOTE (GoldenAura8 @ January 26, 2010 02:48 am)
my local book stores i havent seen displays...i have to hunt for the books like a caveman looking for dinner

I know how you feel. While I was searching for The Sorceress I couldn't find it anywhere in Coles until I had to ask one of the people working there. When she found it, it was in the back, with only 3 copies and surrounded by children's books. But then again, it is a pretty small Coles compared to the others i have seen.

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May 30 10 4:43 PM

QUOTE (Warrior Scathach 17 @ August 04, 2009 01:20 pm)
Great idea!

The only thing is, since I live in Denmark, I have to get the books from the internet - it's not really a big thing here yet

same here! I look in the book store and it has the alchemyst sandwhiched between like ten thick books. Whoopee.

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May 30 10 6:33 PM

ACtually have my bookstores necromancer display... just need to take it off my phone. Will do that soon.

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May 30 10 10:27 PM

Finally found the time to put up my pictures from my nearest Borders bookstore:

5/18/2010: After spending last year's Sorceress release on a middle shelf all to themselves in the Young Adult section,
the Flamel series got moved all the way to the bottom shelf with only several inches of space - and they stopped
selling the hardcovers and left only the paperbacks behind! flamelssecret/mad.gif Oh, well...
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5/25/10: Promotional poster for the release of The Necromancer on May 25th. You were able to take a card
from the poster and fill it with your information to reserve your copy.
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5/25/10: "The Necromancer" display in the New Releases section. (Book 9 of the 39 Clues at the bottom. )
I wish they wouldn't put stickers on the front cover. I managed to take this picture before an employee kindly
told me that taking pictures were not allowed. Of course, I did stop. flamelssecret/love0030.gif Just a suggestion, check with your bookstore
directly if they allow pictures before you start. Good thing I was able to snag this one... flamelssecret/ashamed___.gif
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The Enchantress: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott
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Jun 8 10 12:01 AM

Our local chapters had a real nice display for the Necromancer the week it came out, but I forgot my cell and didn't have my camera, so the next week I went back and it was gone.

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#53 [url]

Jun 25 10 6:31 AM

It's actually quite a popular series in Australia... but when I went to Angus & Robertson they only had like four books on display.... shameful. flamelssecret/ashamed___.gif

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Jul 1 10 5:41 PM

I have to remember to bring my camera next time I got to the book store! (which could be very soon! )

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Jul 8 10 4:49 AM

Unfortunatly alot of the time i go to the bookstores i can't even find the books i would post picture but the only bookstore i found any of the series in only had 1 copy of the Necromancer and guess were that went .

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Jul 14 10 5:54 PM

We now have a Flamel display at the book store, the amount of flamel books in the borders by me has tripled over the last couple of months which is awesome!

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Not really sure why there are no Sorceress books though ...

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Jul 20 10 10:30 PM

user posted image

from Flamel's house in Paris!

Is that thumbnail size, mods, sorry if it's to big

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Jul 29 10 7:04 AM

Unfortunately we, here, don't have a decent display for the Flamel books in the bookstores! :/

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Jul 29 10 7:06 AM

The Display that was here seemed to have been absorbed but the pure power of twilards. But hey. Just you wait... wait for the day that Flamel will come back, as soon as it's made a movie i'm telling you! So much more popular...

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